Statement Processing

CGI specializes in high quality,  fast and efficient statement and invoice processing. Our specialty is reducing production and postage costs using workflow and document design, duplex laser printing services, postage optimization, insert management and electronic delivery, while providing outstanding customer service.

With Postage costs alone typically representing 50 percent to 75 percent of total invoice mailing costs, CGI first determines ways to reduce postage expenses. Efficient format designs, as well as duplex (front / back) statement printing of overflow pages significantly reduces pages printed and envelope weights on multiple page statements or invoices. Reducing marketing insert paper weights and selective/targeted inserting can also reduce postage costs. Our committed customer service team can show you additional ways to reduce cost on your statement processing, using Weigh to the Ounce Technology which allows you to prioritize marketing inserts and  drop an insert if your postage moves up to the next rate .

Our state-of-the-art invoice printing and processing facility located just minutes from Chicago’s financial district contains the latest in high-speed laser printers, intelligent mailing equipment, postage management tools, electronic forms and font software and communications platforms. The result is, our customers enjoy the best equipment, software and programming expertise available, at a fraction of an in-house investment.