Custom Programming & Design

CGI has state of the art printing equipment and facilities. But the quality of output, even with the best equipment, is a function of the input. Our programming staff and experience in formatting print streams ensures a successful process. From coordinating with our customers and/or their data provider to guarantee correct data communications, to programming our systems to layout and calculate a complex multiple page customer statement, we have the staff and expertise to meet your needs for any type of application.

Most of our development is done using industry standard tools and languages with processes running on a high performance open systems platform. We can help turn around the complicated sets of data feeds that make up most important client documents, and create high quality, comprehensive, concise, and “user-friendly” statements, invoices, or whatever type of document that you need.

ComGraphics can also design and implement customized promotional and marketing campaigns as stand alone strategies, or as an addition to your existing communications.  We’ll show you how to make every mailing contact with customers and prospects a new marketing opportunity. From highly personalized mailings to landing pages, email marketing and more, we can show you how to get a better ROI for your marketing dollar.

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