CGI’s Privacy Policy


To our clients:

    • ComGraphics, Inc. takes great pride in its internal privacy policies and procedures.  We do not disclose any of our client information, files, or data, without prior written consent from our client; and in those cases where permitted by law.
    • ComGraphics, Inc. agrees not to disclose or use any information for any purpose other than those requested by our client.
    • ComGraphics, Inc. does not sell any public or non-public personal information.
    • ComGraphics, Inc. strives to ensure that our network systems are secure and that they meet industry security standards.  ComGraphics, Inc. uses firewalls, encryption technology and many different levels of user authentication systems and passwords.
  • ComGraphics, Inc. regularly educates and discusses its privacy policy with its employees to ensure their awareness of client confidential information and data.

For further information regarding this privacy policy, please contact our office at 312.226.0900.


Privacy Policy