Business Continuity Plan

ComGraphics, Inc. (CGI) recognizes the importance of maintaining its ability to continue all levels of client services in the event of an internal or external disruption. To assure that this event is minimized, CGI has in place multiple layers of security controls ranging from various network securities, building security by authorization, uninterrupted power supplies, fire detection and suppression systems and multiple live video feeds of our premises.

The resumption of business in case of a major disruption will be fulfilled through our data recovery center located in Michigan and our alternate print and mail facility located in Minnesota. Depending on the type of disruption, our goal is to resume all business activities within 24-48 hours by switching our operations and personnel to these remote locations.

No matter what the disruption, our goal is to continue business during such event, and protect the ongoing services our clients expect from us.

Our business continuity plan is reviewed annually and updated as needed. Copies of our updated plan can be obtained by submitting a written request to our Chicago corporate office.