eDocument Solutions

CGI’s comprehensive suite of eDocument Solutions require no licensing or proprietary software, and are completely customizable to your specific application. Documents are generally stored as high quality PDFs, which are small in size, as well as efficient for both viewing and downloading.  From document hosting to online bill payment solutions, CGI can provide the tools and technology for complete online document management.  Our modular solutions allow you the ability to fully customize your online solution, immediately enhancing your value to your clients.

Available CGI solutions include:

1. Web Services:

This approach allows you, the client, to retain control of all search pages, with your system making a secure call to our server, and CGI simply returning the expected search results/documents.

2. Single Sign On (SSO):

SSO allows CGI to host data while integrated with your existing website.  This means your client logs in one time, with security being passed to CGI’s system allowing end users to view based on your permissions.  We can offer a complete white label solution with the look and feel of your existing site, enabling you to outsource your document storage without your clients ever being aware that CGI is involved.  Full functionality of the site can be personalized any way you wish.

3. Complete Hosting Solution:

This solution, housed on a dedicated server, has CGI providing everything from internal/external log-ins, to a full administration module for consent, password and permissions management and reporting, wide range of search screens, and of course, a completely secure hosting environment for all your documents.

CGI will work with you and your staff to learn your requirements and establish the right solution for you, your internal users, and your clients.  All CGI solutions allow for total flexibility,  including the range of material hosted, the length of retention, security levels based on user groups and, a number of other settings that will allow for an effortless move from paper to electronic, for full eDocument management.

eDocument Solutions