CGI can design and implement uniquely powerful marketing tools to maximize the use of purchased leads, cross sell to existing customers or develop a win-back strategy for lost business. With budgets being cut and shifting heavily toward general advertising, CGI can create a custom, low cost and personalized advertising solution. CGI can help you develop and manage an entire direct mail program. We offer lead procurement (auto, home, life, annuity), persoanlized postcards and letters. In addition to our direct mail services, we also offer email marketing and landing page design.

Transactional documents from your agency present a unique opportunity to sell additional products to a customer base that already knows and trusts you. As a leader in variable data personalization, CGI can help you add promotional and marketing messages to your existing communications. We’ll show you how to capture a new marketing opportunity with every mailing contact, and we’ll create custom solutions that make it easy to update your documents as quickly and as often as is necessary.

Document Solutions

Insurance companies provide their customers with many different kinds of documents, from policies to insurance cards and checks. At CGI, our development team and specialized equipment can help you to effectively manage more of your transactional documents. We can create a custom-tailored mailing program which bundles several documents (policies, identification cards, privacy statements) into a single mailing, which can reduce costs on production and postage.