Tax Document Processing


CGI can save your company time and money on all government required forms with our fast and efficient tax document processing. Our primary role is to be your partner in tax document processing and provide a painless solution while you are at your busiest. You can focus more on your business during year-end tax season when CGI is providing the development experience,  printing, distribution and archiving services the IRS requires. Outsourcing any of these functions to CGI allows you to leverage our considerable experience in these areas to increase your effectiveness. Outsourcing also gives your firm access to the latest in technology with little or no capital investment.

Using your data, CGI can print and mail or electronically present originals for any tax form, allowing continual easy access to documents needed for your tax return preparation, anywhere in the United States. Our comprehensive quality assurance procedure verifies your data at each stage of the process, from the initial file receipt to the final printing. Our state-of-the-art printing facility can produce over 100,000 forms per hour. In addition to CASS certifying to ensure the lowest possible cost for first class mailings, CGI can also create CD’s for excessively large client tax documents in lieu of paper.

If you are currently using another outsource printing company to print and mail your tax forms, we want to offer our services to you and your organization. We are a corporation that has been built on providing outstanding service, on-time turnaround and flexibility to all the firms we work with. Our pricing structure is highly competitive and our customer service is second to none.

We look forward to an opportunity to earn your business.