Data Security and Privacy in Outsourced Print and Mail Solutions

June 4, 2020
Data Security and Privacy in Outsourced Print and Mail Solutions

All too often you turn the news on and there’s been a cyber security attack against some organization or government entity resulting in the compromise of millions of individuals Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or Personal Health Information (PHI).  You do everything you can to prevent a cyber security attack, and you should expect the same of your print and mail outsource partner.  Practicing good data security and privacy keeps your customer’s information secure, your reputation untarnished and as such can bring new business.


What is a Data Security Breach?


A data security breach is when sensitive, confidential or protected information has either been disclosed in an unauthorized manner or has been illegally accessed (i.e. hacked).  Some examples of sensitive, confidential and/or protected information include PHI, PII, classified government information, and/or a business’ trade secrets.


Some notable security breaches from 2019 were a data breach involving a financial services firm affecting 106 million + people.  Let’s not forget FEMA! Government entities are not exempt from security breaches.  Last year, FEMA experienced a data breach that affected 2.3 million + individuals.


What is the Difference Between Data Security and Privacy?


Data security is how an organization protects their data through the use of specialty software such as cybersecurity applications.  Privacy is centered around the use and governance of personal data (PHI, PII, etc.).  For example, when a patient needs medical treatment they sign documents that authorize certain individuals (such as a primary care physician, insurance, spouse, etc.) access to their medical records from the treatment.  Anyone that is given or obtained access outside of those that were deemed allowed access would be considered a privacy breach.


The Importance of Data Security and Privacy for Outsourced Print and Mail Providers


Data security and privacy is important to all industries across the board.  A breach could result in upwards of tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the severity.  As a leading outsourced print and mail solutions provider, ComGraphics, Inc. (CGI) takes data security and privacy very seriously.  To ensure your data is kept secure, CGI is a SOC 2 Type II compliant company. 


Print and Mail Solutions for the Security Conscious Business


Your business handles sensitive information such as financial documents or medical records.  Part of safeguarding your client’s data is verifying that you’re using a compliant vendor with a sterling reputation in cybersecurity.  We understand how imperative it is that you find an outsourced print and mail solutions provider that can meet your expectations.  CGI maintains a robust cybersecurity policy and employs a team of professionals to ensure our company is doing everything possible to safeguard your sensitive data while adhering to all industry specific regulations).


Founded in 1980, CGI is an employee owned, premier outsourced print and mail solutions provider of variable laser printing, inserting, mailing and electronic document solutions. CGI operates 24/7 with the capacity to produce 100+ million high quality pages per month, with an eye on cybersecurity. As an employee-owned company, every team member has a vested interest in delivering world-class services and exceptional program performance. And as a SOC 2 Type II compliant company, we understand the importance of security and confidentiality that surround the handling of your sensitive client data! Interested in learning more, please visit our website, email us at, or give us a call at 312-226-0900.

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